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Tougher regulations for e-commerce distributors in the UK

Many of your clients will be unaware of a new HMRC clampdown on traders selling goods from outside the E.U. (fulfillment houses).
The definition of a ‘fulfilment business’ can be anything from a large-scale operation to an individual channeling goods through a spare room at home.
Any UK business that stores goods imported from a country outside the EU or that are owned by or stored on behalf of someone established outside the EU or that stores goods being offered for sale and haven’t been sold in the UK before will need to register with the HMRC Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme. 

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Our strategy for 2018

As many of you will know, we like to reserve the integrity of our market leading service by ensuring we avoid competing with ourselves - a strategy that means we rarely wok with more than one law firm in each town.

This year we are looking to grow by closing up the gaps in our regional presence and by investing in practical (free) marketing assistance for partner firms.

We will shortly be revamping our range of marketing templates and innovative point of sale support for lawyers, so if you are not in the TLC Marketing Club already let us know of your interest in joining us this year.

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Employment Law Firm of the Year 2018

We are close to announcing the regional winners of our Best in Class Employment Law Firm Awards.

Based on their ability to keep employers out of trouble and to mitigate losses, we will be selecting the eight regional winners of our highly prized trophy.

Watch out for an announcement soon. It could be you!

GDPR is almost here - relax we have it covered

All of our clients who have taken Compliance / Legal Defence cover need not fear - we already cover representation costs flowing from a breach of data regulations. Our policies never cover fines or penalties of course (that is uninsurable as being against public interest).

Just another example of quality by design from an insurance specialist (and unlike the rest of the market - we didn't need to change our wordings when ACAS was introduced either...)

Return of the litigant in person?

Three of our largest payouts last year (all over 50k) were for costs relating to meritless litigants who pushed insurers to 10 or 15 day hearings at enormous cost.

In one pyric victory, a self-represented claimant won £1,700 on a minor Head of Claim after rejecting a commercial offer from insurers of £20,000 to 'go away' while driving repesentaton costs up to a total £60,000. In another example, an employee with less than a year's service was dismissed for gross misconduct (witnessed by the HR professional) and with the help of a partner with an international law degree forced the claim to the Court of Appeal, losing at every instance with costs to the employer, that we insured, of £65,000.

These could have been catastrophic losses in a struggling economy for any employer with a weak balance sheet, no professional HR support and inadequate insurance.

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