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T: 01935 389812
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Selling Services by the £ Top Sales Tips for Employment Solicitors

There has never been a better time to ask employers to sign up for professional HR services.

ACAS notifications are at an historical high (roughly one every 5 minutes of the working day),  there is no restraint on employees to stop them making vexatious or mischievous claims and business owners are far more likely to face costly, profit threatening tribunal claims than they are to be the victim of a serious fire or theft!

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Watchman unoccupied property insurance

A simple 3 min presentation for Solicitors about the Watchman Unoccupied property insurance scheme. 

Explains how they can save time and money using this unique service that is tailored to the needs of Wills, Probate and Estate management professionals. 

Deferred premiums, wide standard cover and softer security and inspection conditions.

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Insuring Costs Only is a Bad Idea

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We have recently had a number of requests for employment insurance on a ‘legal costs only‘ basis and we know one or two competitors have promoted this as a way to save money. We strongly believe that this is a very bad idea.

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Employment Insurance Objection Handling 2.0

“We don’t need your insurance. We already have it covered.“

Have you read the small print?

Really - and have you already read the policy ? Are you aware, for example that many policies require you have to have prior approval for every step in managing your employees – or, that the insurer does not have to pay up if you have made a process error - that you may have to pay a £3000 fee if you want to use your own lawyer? Or that you cannot claim for any incident at all in the first 6 months? We could go on.

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Employment Insurance Objection Handling 1.0

“I don’t need HR support, let alone employment insurance”

“I have never had a Tribunal – doubt I ever will”

It’s a common objection - a client that has never had a Tribunal thinks that it is impervious; nothing has happened so they think it never will. They forget there is now no handbrake that can be applied to Tribunal claims, it costs nothing to make a claim and buying legal representation ‘after the event’ is ten times more expensive. 

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