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T: 01935 389812   E: enquiries@straightsolutions.co.uk
T: 01935 389812
E: enquiries@straightsolutions.co.uk

Purely Employment: The first designed for solicitors – Sometimes copied but never matched

Purely Employment insurance was the very first policy specifically designed to operate in conjunction with the employment services of a professional solicitor. Two key features ensure the policy does what is says on the cover.

Unlike generalised legal expense insurances, indemnity under this policy is specifically linked to the insured taking advice from a pre-agreed professional adviser (you). This means that there is no duplication of reporting and no uncertainty as to whose advice a client must follow. As we will have pre-agreed a blended charge rate with you, another area of contention is avoided.

Most importantly, the policy does not feature a ‘prospects of success' test -  that ubiquitous clause designed to allow insurers to decline 40% of claims presented to them. Increasingly we see the test of adequate ‘prospects’ being set as high as 61%.

We allow clients to quickly and easily select levels of cover and extra benefits most appropriate to their circumstances. For example, Restrictive Covenants is an important issue for most businesses, but it is not relevant to a school or GP practice- so why should they pay for it?
For our partner law firms we extend the same flexibility – we match cover to your firm’s services (a boutique employment practice may not want to capture regulatory claims for example) with a blended charge rate that suits the client's pocket and recognises the true potential for claims work. To explain: a risk averse client who has been free from disputes in the last five years may not generate any ET work, but offering that client a policy backed by a high charge rate may simply price you out of landing their advice retainer.
We were the first provider to allow partner firms to select breadth of cover, sums insured, excesses and blended hourly charge rates on a completely bespoke basis. As we neither require you to use our services exclusively or to provide us with a minimum number of policies, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we stand or fall on the quality of our service and the value for money we provide for each and every client.

Please call Brian Dunk or Mark Baker on 01935 389812 for more information.


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