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T: 01935 389812
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Employment Insurance Objection Handling 2.0

“We don’t need your insurance. We already have it covered.“

Have you read the small print?

Really - and have you already read the policy ? Are you aware, for example that many policies require you have to have prior approval for every step in managing your employees – or, that the insurer does not have to pay up if you have made a process error - that you may have to pay a £3000 fee if you want to use your own lawyer? Or that you cannot claim for any incident at all in the first 6 months? We could go on.

Do you want to go through a Call Centre?  Press 1 for….Press 2 for…

Do you really want to telephone a call centre, speak to a different person every time and then find they will not pay because you have a low chance of winning the claim?

It is all in a trusted name – Yours!

There are hundreds of different policies to choose from but there is only one with your lawyer’s name on it. Why does that matter? Unless the policy agrees in advance whose employment advice the insurer will accept, they can always wriggle out of a claim.

Insurance brokers admit their policies don’t work

Insurance brokers sell inexpensive legal covers because they are “better than nothing!” Privately they will admit that they just don't work.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Insurance is no different to any other product, you get what you pay for. But, with all that paper to contend with it takes expert guidance to know the difference between them. To be able to sleep at night knowing your employment risk is safely covered you need a policy that has 2 very important features;

Policy “Must haves”. Do not accept less. . . .

Firstly, the policy must specifically name the advice provider, so there can be no subsequent argument about whether the right advice was followed.

Secondly, the policy must not be subject to a ‘Prospects of Success ‘clause (or similar). This is the clause insurers use to dodge claims as it them to say the claim cannot be won, so they will not pay your legal bill. The problem is one of opinion - and if the insurer is the judge and jury, guess which way they jump?

We like to pay out claims not dodge them!

This is what our service offers. Our policy is designed to pay claims fairly rather than dodge them by tripping clients up on rules they didn’t know about. Put simply – if you take and follow your lawyer’s advice you can rest easy knowing the policy is on your side.

If you claim on the employment section of a business insurance it could put up your premiums across the board.

Still think you can save money? If you are confident you have the expertise to be certain you have linked employment advice and insurance indemnity in a seamless way then relax, but don't forget that if you claim on the employment section of a business insurance it could put up the cost of all of ALL of your insurance.


Published: 6th August 2019

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