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T: 01935 389812
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The year ET phoned in a record number of times?


If the trend established before fixed ET fees were introduced recommences then, in 2018 UK employers could see a new claim on average every FIVE minutes of the working day.

We actually don't believe it will be anything like as bad as that because the 2 year qualifying rule is still in place but, with no fees to restrain would-be litigants and a growing awareness that claims cost nothing to make and are a lot of time and money for bosses, it's very bad news for employers.

Already ACAS offices are swamped with many reporting a five to ten fold increase in conciliation requests. As a consequence Tribunal listing dates have already crept out to February 2019 in a number of jurisdictions. So far the large majority of pre-conciliations we have seen are for contractual payments, but there is a trend developing for a more regular assertion of discrimination and bullying as a negotiation tatic, often supported by opportunistic no-win no-fee lawyers who are 'diversifying' away from personal injury matters with on-line offerings of support.

Any employer who still thinks ET claims have gone away is in for a sharp suprise, and there is no substitute for professional advice and specialised insurance that can be trusted to perform to order.

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